Crow chicks

Smooth-billed Ani (Crotophaga ani) An Asylum of Cuckoos, Rebecca Yale, National Geographic, taken at Yasuni National Park, Ecuador.

Attracting Crows and Ravens:

Crows and ravens (and most birds of the corvid family) are very intelligent creatures and make great pets. However, the US government forbids people to own them as pets, so you can do the next bes.

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Dorie, wtf are you even doing on this random guy's "ravens and crows" board?

beautiful raven

This carrion crow came and perched next to me the other day at Clapham Common, SW London; they seem to be getting much bolder these days.

"You talkin' to me ? !!"

This guy is one of the Japanese crows, the Large-billed Crow, taken up in Hokkaido.

Crow with Marble

Mystical Is Worshipped by Wild Crows -- One time it was a tiny piece of metal with the word "best" printed on it. "I don't know if they still have the part that says 'friend'," Gabi laughs, amused by the thought of a crow wearing a matching necklace.

Nature's Paintbox

Job ~ "Who provides for the ravens when their young cry out to God as they try to struggle up from their nest in hunger?" -- Northern Raven - Corvus Corax by Tom Spross.