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How to Fall in Love with a Beautiful City like Budapest

Budapest is a beautiful city one can easily fall in love with. Wander and get lost in the alluring sights of Hungary's stunning capital.

If you were to believe Hungarians, the 8th district is a pit of crime and danger, like the Bronx in 1990 or something. In reality, I haven't had a negative experience once, cycling and walking around, taking pictures, day and evening. But the myth is strong. The locals gladly reinforce it though. I passed by this bee-autiful courtyard, a complete throwback to, say, 1930, like from a postcard. Postcard from the ghetto, admittedly. But irresistably peeling. In a corner of it sat a circle of a…

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Ingo and I had the opportunity to go here during Thanksgiving 2010. It's part of the Parliament in Budapest, Hungary.  It was beautiful!

May 2014 This is a stairway in the Parliament building in Budapest, Hungary. The whole building is incredibly beautiful.

Main square of Gyor, Hungary at night

Main square of Gyor, Hungary at night My relatives still live in Gyor.

Fővám Tér Piac (Great Market Hall) | 29 Places That Prove Budapest Is The Most Stunning City In Europe

Fővám Tér Piac ~ The Great Market Hall, or Central Market Hall, is the largest indoor market in Budapest.

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The Sziget Eye is coming back now, and will be onec again at Elisabeth Square in Budapest, until it moves to the Sziget Festival on Obuda Island.