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This is Queen Zahira, Ain’s and Jerah’s mother. Though she looks quite extravagant in this image, for a deity at the Ruling Queen rank, her look is rather demure! Zahira would consider herself.

inquis by pheberoni on deviantart

pheberoni: “ I have been repainting that Tyler pic tryna get it right and I feel like I got it now ? I was dead set on princess hair but.

milkdromeduh: “ divalocity: “ Défilé Natural Flower - Natural Hair Academy 2016 Artistic Direction & HairStyles : DydyNaturalHairLover Assistant Hair : KrazyHair Afro Wig Designer : Séphora Joannes MakeUp Artists : Jay Asani & Gaëlle Make Up...

Muse - Artistic direction - Hairstyles - Assistant hair - Afro wig designer - Make up artists Dresses - Accessories - Pics -

Armazathari Tribe-Queen

comm: Elisheva by littleulvar female ranger fighter barbarian gypsy quarterstaff armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc