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Chariots of the Gods? Was God an Astronaut? by Erich Von Daniken Imagery: Oh look, a PYRAMID! This book is the Alien Gospel deception. It preaches the Ancient Aliens theory that humanity was seeded here through panspermia. It is a gospel being taught in many books, movies, and television shows to deceive people into believing the lie. Daniken is a regular on the History Channel's Ancient Aliens show which is a grossly inaccurate portrayal of history and artifacts. See AA Debunked on YouTube

Where are the new conspiracy theory authors? I could only find 11 books about moon landing conspiracies. Is this a literary void waiting to be filled?

Chariots of the Gods - Eric von Daniken

Chariots of the Gods – 1970 Was God An Astronaut? The Amazing Story Of Earth’s Unsolved Mysteries very thought provoking would it stand up today?

from the book of Enoch

Evil walked the earth when angels fell. Evil stalks us now in disembodied spirits; immortal wraiths once clothed in flesh when angel and women bred; spirits released from their fleshly prisons when th

Sumerian bowl, 6000 BC - Note the swastika in the middle of the plate  it's so amazing these artifacts were able to be found

Sumerian bowl, 6000 BC - Note the swastika in the middle of the plate. It is an ancient symbol of enlightenment. Hitler, who was very into the occult, stole the symbol and used it for his own twisted agenda.

Proof of Ancient Aliens

History Channel's Ancient Aliens series tickles the mind & teases us with an age old que.

Akhenaten, pictured here as a sphinx, hoped to build a cult of worship to the sun god Aten in an undeveloped site that was uncontaminated by worship of other gods.

In Photos: Ancient Egyptian Skeletons Unearthed

I watched Ancient Aliens and would always stare at the host's hair and the size of his bank account. Ron Hubbard of "ufology" and UFO's. Another example of bad History Channel and Discovery Channel programming.