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Trends and fashion keep on switching, they never remain constant because every season has its own speculation and demands. You can never wear open and airy clot

I really want grunge style clothes ☺️

How to Do the Street Style Punk Look

Those shorts! With the tights!

Pink bow high-waisted shorts, black sweater with a collared blouse under, opaque tights, and heels. The shorts are very pretty, too bad they are too short.

Sweater  Skirt. Great for the milder winters down here in Florida! you need some good upper body thermal, but the tights are just fine for the weather

For the fall or winter, pair your skater skirt with a cozy knit sweater, a scarf, tights and boots. Although, I prefer a bit longer skirt.

Add some prep to your fall wardrobe. Try layering a collared shirt with a green sweater!

Never Ever Out of Style- The Preppy Look For Fall