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Resultado de imagen para planeta marte para niños

Resultado de imagen para planeta marte para niños

Mind blown

Mind blown

It just 'accidently' makes the symbol of infinity! perfect since in symbolism, the sun symbols Christ, the moon the Church. ~ mw ~ Fixed position photograph of the sun, taken at the same time of day over a year. Looks like the infinity symbol!

Guided Meditations, with brainwave entrainment, designed to soothe the heart and heal the body ☻ ☻  ☺

Cosmic Jets Of Young Stars Formed By Magnetic Fields - Redorbit

Notte di capodanno, in Italia teniamo a tutte le tradizioni e onoriamo le festività- New Year's Night in Italy to keep all traditions and honor the holidays.

Europe from Space New Year’s.America has on Europe (Germany in particular!) when it comes to awe-inspiring glimmering lights at New Year Probably my favorite memory of my time in Stuttgart!


Fiji islands, Oceania - Fiji was definitely one of my favorite places to visit. My son and I got to island hop living onboard a million dollar yacht for several weeks in


Article: “Private Dream Chaser Space Plane to Launch Orbital Flight in Beautiful Space-Art Gallery Take a Quick Break

Anatolian Seljuk Mosque, Turkey

Beautiful Turquoise structure in Anatolian Seljuk Mosque, Turkey. A culture that allows this much colour into their architecture has to be worth immersing yourself