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Cartoon by Franklin Habit

Holiday Creeps

Cartoon by Franklin Habit (you should really read the whole article, it's very funny and very, very true.

Replace housework with homework...

Free, Weekend Ecard: "I'll just finish this row, then I'll do some housework," said many knitters & crocheters several hours ago.

What knitter could resist this hilarious t-shirt.  Order your own Know Your Cuts of Lamb T-Shirt on CafePress.com!

Know Your Cuts of Lamb Light T-Shirt

Know Your Cuts of Lamb T-Shirt. My favorite kind of knitting humor. giant diagram for a wall somewhere?

My stash is mostly in one place, kinda

Free, Reminders Ecard: Having your stash all over the house is like giving yourself a gift of forgotten yarn every few months!