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Love is...when you both bring something to the relationship

Love is. when you both bring something special into the relationship Comic for Wed, Oct 2012

Baby bole hai mild chickenpox hai 2 dawai de hai aur bole sb kr skte ho koi restriction ni hai ☺️

Love is. James Courtney Bellah and Ashlyn Nicole Howard Forever Soul Mates ! I Luvs Her ,and She Luvs Him ! Together We Luvs Us !

This is so US!! ~M

Lorelai – "No, I didn't, because our once-wonderful relationship -- envy of all the world, more intimate than that of the naked couple in the "love is." cartoons -- has degenerated into e-mail correspondence.

small things

"Love is. the small things that make the big difference" comic strip by Kim Grove Casali - Carefully selected by GORGONIA www.

Being there for one another whatever the future holds.

Love is. Number one website for Love Is. Funny Love is. pictures and love quotes. Love is. comic strips created by Kim Casali, conceived by and drawn by Bill Asprey. Everyday with a new Love Is.

Love Is... tantalizing

Love is. Comic Strip, Love Comic, Love Quotes, Love Pictures - Love is. Comics - Comic for Thu, Apr 2012

Love Is....

Love Is. making someone's heart smile. I do try the hardest,not sure he knows this.