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Kexxbloxx Swiss Black & White

Adorable cats, dogs and other animal pictures. Do you smile at least once a day?

Story time :)

Тихое счастье... ЧЕЛОВЕЧЕСКОЕ...

I'm going to go with one of Ali Lea's suggestions. Tonight and Friday, let's do BEDTIME STORIES (or Story Hour) . any image having to do with reading books to children or children's books.


Добрые, забавные и позитивные фотографии зверей, птиц и ……..

Just a photo to make you smile - I love this little girl style

belle image

white cat with white Hijabi woman. this is a beautiful picture in white.

Baby and kittens

Adorable pictures of children with their pets. Proof all kids should grow up with pets.

photo by Andy Prokh - http://www.andy-prokh.ru

Ever since his cat and his daughter met, Russian photographer Andy Prokh has had a pet project; this sweet photo series of Lilu Blue Royal Lada and Katherine

My cat decided the family's pet rabbit was hers, she loved that rabbit and they were inseparable

Dogs and cats, living together. Browse our most popular tags: dog (puppy) cat (kitten) rabbit

“The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up.”  ~ Mark Twain   www.facebook.com/vivalavidalifestyle and join our new movement towards a more positive life! #quotes #words

Adorable concert for one — Boy plays music for a kitten on the street. I wanna play a concert for a kitten

O, no, tell me this is not happening!

♥ love is patient, love is kind.look at the cat's face :) My sweet baby girl use to do that with her Romeo kitty!

Pillow and quilt

Purrs, Drools, and Cuddly Cuteness: 15 Adorable Pictures of Babies and Their Pets - For some families baby doesn’t make three -- it makes four. Check out these oh-so-cute (and pretty funny!) pictures of babies and their pets sleeping together!

Bildergebnis für katzen

Mr Peebles The World's Smallest Cat. Worlds Smallest Cat Mr Peebles may look like a kitten, but he is actually 2 years old. The tiny cat got its size. (click pic to read more) Ohh my God I want him.

Je danse , tu galope

What a sweet kiss in a tutu!, and what a cutie up on her tippie toes to give that kiss.