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This is only funny if you have seen the movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" and can imagine the little monkey's voice saying "STEEEVE!

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 80 Pics

Funny pictures about Losing Weight With Chris Pratt. Oh, and cool pics about Losing Weight With Chris Pratt. Also, Losing Weight With Chris Pratt photos.

Its the truth!!!!!!

Brunettes and Blondes< do ten and rose count? <<< and Helena and Sarah or Carlos and Cecil or Thor and Loki<<<Not fandom, but one of my best friends is a blond. And I have known her since, well forever, and I'm a brunette lol

Loki lol

66 funny pictures - I mean, hes the god of mischief, Thor, what did you expect. Had to pin this again for the comment and because its just so darn funny and I do it to my friends all the time!

I will pin this every time I see it

Funny pictures about You're a good guy Tom Hiddleston. Oh, and cool pics about You're a good guy Tom Hiddleston. Also, You're a good guy Tom Hiddleston.

Baby avengers!! This is the cutest thing ever!

I found this adorable

I found this adorable - Baby Avengers vs X-Babies guest starring Bucky Bear!

Tumblr Marvel #6 | I showed my husband the first one, thinking, he can feel this dude. And he was like, "Yeah?" D'oh.

Tumblr Marvel #6

Please, Marvel franchise, make an Avengers sitcom in which Steve, Thor, and Loki try to understand the technology of the century. The fandom needs this very much!

Headcanon Absolutely Accepted.

:D {what if he is the boy that Steve saved in the Captain America: The First Avenger movie.age might or might not be right but it's what i thought of when i read the post} <<< I WILL ADD THIS TO THAT HEADCANON