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"I'm not normally a huge fan of seafood, but in this case, I'll make an exception.

lospaziobianco:by Mike Deodato Jr. on Tumblr

extraordinarycomics: “Venom by Mike Deodato Jr.


The Comic Ninja (league-of-extraordinarycomics: Venom.

Comic Con 2015: Best Art of the Con! - Movie News | JoBlo.com

Comic Con Best Art of the Con



VENOM by Clayton Crain http://www.maneirissimo.net/

Venom By Clayton Crain

Venom by Marte Gracia Pazuzu and Skottie Young

Spider-man vs Venom by Skottie Young

Here's a piece I did for a 2-piece collab with my buddy Herbert , check out his Spider-man ! Been FOREVER since I updated... was so busy with work and other projects. <da:thumb id="49968003...

Venom by Andrew Hou

Venom Taking Over

Eddie Brock turning into Venom

From Venom; Marvel, 2003-2004. Story by Daniel Way, pencils by Skottie Young.

From Venom; Marvel, Story by Daniel Way, pencils by Skottie Young.

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Thunderbolts Hastings Exclusive Variant Cover by Mike Deodato Jr.

Tastey Spidey by Jon Siva

Hello my friend!

The Superior Venom in Superior Spider-Man #24

If Superior Spider-Man was a case study of what often frustrates me about reading a Dan Slott comic, than Superior Spider-Man is a prime example of what I love about his work. Like its prec…


Deadpool: Back in Black KRS Comics Exclusive Variant Cover by Tyler Kirkham

Agent Venom

Yes you can, Venom.


venum by ~wizyakuza este si es venom