Making of George Clooney likeness in ZBrush by Hossein Diba – zbrush tutorials zbrush tutorials

Talented character artist, Hossein Diba, walks you through his process for sculpting a likeness portrait in ZBrush using photo reference and FiberMesh to create realistic hair.

Lead Character sculptor at WWE

ArtStation - Emily Blunt th Head Sculpt - Modern Life, Hossein Diba

My Gnomon Workshop tutorial on creating hyper realistic characters is now available!  This title offers an in-depth demonstration on how to effectively use ZBrush to create a hyper realistic character. Hossein Diba shares a thorough breakdown of his workflow, tools and methods using a character study of the wrestler Steve Austin.

Creating Hyper Realistic Character in ZBrush - with Hossein Diba, Hossein Diba