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Health benefits of owning pets!

of people surveyed said that their activity level increased once they had petss. Physical activity has a direct relationship with health!

From Nose to Tail: Keeping Your Pet Healthy Infographic

Pet grooming is an important aspect of pet ownership, and can help keep dirt and dander to a minimum. Learn more about pet health and wellness in this infographic from a mobile grooming company in Dallas.

This is the ultimate pet nutrition guide filled with pet tips and advice. This will cover everything from diet to exercise. Must read! Money back guaranteed! #bestforyourpets #petadvice #pettips

This dog training infographic shows just how important it is to socialise a dog when its young - something that first time owners dont always quite get around to. Fortunately we do learn from our mistakes with the more experienced dog owners putting a foc

Apartment Living With Pets | Tips to Help Reduce Stress During a Move | Pawsitively Pets

Apartment Living With Pets -- Tips to Help Reduce Stress During a Move

Infographic - Tips to Prevent Your Pet From Getting Lost

Infographic - Tips to Prevent Your Pet From Getting Lost

Taking your dog on the road this summer? July is Lost Pet Prevention Month! Know what to do to keep your pet from getting lost on vacation.

Picking The Perfect Pet - Infographic    #infographics #pet

Eligiendo la mascota perfecta - Picking the Perfect Pet - Infographic - Dogs included

Our pets are a part of our families so we have to treat them that way and that includes taking care of your pet’s health by making regular trips to your Veterinary. This infographic provides a timeline for both cats and dogs so you know when to take Rex or Fluffy for their next vet appointment. Making sure your pets are properly taken care of is important and this pet infographic is a good checklist to go by. Keep your animals safe and healthy.

Top 12 Foods Your Dog Should NEVER Eat!

Differences Between Dog  Cat Foods

Differences Between Dog & Cat Foods [Infographic]

Ever wonder why dogs can't eat cat food and cats can't eat dog food? This INFOGRAPHIC explains.

Dawg Business: It's Your Dog's Health!: How Much Water Does A Dog Need Daily? Infographic

Is your dog getting enough water Join PetSafe to raise awareness during Pet Hydration Month pets dogs health

How to tell if your dog is over/under weight

Is Your Dog Overweight? Here’s How to Tell - Dog Body Condition Scoring