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A simple house in a very beautiful big tree. Being built in a front yard definitely makes an eye-catching sight for passers by. Located in Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand.


Our Amazing Tree Houses / Blue Forest Tree Houses, Eco-lodges and Sustainable Buildings

tree house master pete nelson | ... builder Pete Nelson and his six-figure arboreal fantasies come true

Your Childhood Dream Home: The Extreme Treehouses Of “Treehouse Masters”

This is my new favorite TV show! It started airing IMMEDIATELY after I started my treehouse obsession. The head builder Pete Nelson and his six-man crew make my fantasies come true.

tiny-hut-on-stilts-house (10)

Nozomi Nakabayashi’s dreamy house in the sky is made from locally-sourced and reclaimed materials

This whimsical treehouse structure has handmade windows, and siding of beautiful reclaimed cedar. The interior has a sitting area and sleeping loft.

"Treehouse And A Half"--Built over time by elaborating on a simple platform--Two DIY enthusiasts crafted small comfy guest cabin w/ "observatory/hideaway" above ...

Over-the-top DIY Tree House Project

Up in the Tree! - Cabin Life Magazine An other tree house idea for the grand kids! (I always wanted a tree house)

tree houses for adults | Tree house at Tripsdrill Amusement Park, Germany

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