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Charles Krebs Marine diatoms attached to Polysiphonia (red algae) (100X)

2007 Small World, Prize - Charles Krebs Charles Krebs Photography - Issaquah, Washington, USA Specimen: Marine diatoms attached to Polysiphonia (red algae) Technique: Differential Interference Contrast

Diatomeas en forma de abanico, que representa el juegensii especies Licmophora, han trabado en las algas rojas en esta imagen en cuarto lugar por Wolfgang Alemania Bettighofer. Licmophora células son capaces de moverse y con el apoyo a través de sensores de luz, busque un lugar con la exposición a la luz adecuada. Entonces se produce un tallo pegajosa que los mantiene conectados a su base. La muestra fue recogida de aguas salobres del Mar Báltico.

un mundo casi invisible a nuestros ojos

Wolfgang Bettighofer of Kiel, Germany captured this place multi-layer image of living Licmophora juergensii on red alga, together with the diatom Cocconeis and filamentous cyanobacterial colonies.

Diatoms are beautiful...

Diatoms / are one-celled algae with silica-filled cell walls or shells divided into two halves

Leave it to the diminutive diatoms to bring out algae's best side. Only 10 times larger than life, this image was captured via dark-field by Arlene Wechezak in Anacortes, Wash....[More]

Arlene Wechezak Anacortes, Washington, United States Specimen: Algae and diatoms Technique: Darkfield

The Cell: An Image Library - Image CIL:41063

diatoms on red alga.theres always something living off / on a host. If surrounding s r right?

The ball shaped multicellular algae, Volvox carteri.

Volvox Colony, unknown source (to be updated). (possibly from Science Photo Library)


Reaching heights of more than 100 feet m), the Giant Kelp is the largest “seaweed” and the largest of all marine algae. It lives in cold, clear waters where it forms large, dense kelp forests that.

DIATOM:  http://deepbluehome.blogspot.com/2011/01/psychedelic-diatoms.html

These microscopic creatures make a good chunk of the plankton in the Ocean. As seen on Psychedelic Diatoms, Deep Blue Home

Award-winnende Microscoop beelden

Red algae Scagelia, showing reproductive tetraspores and golden diatoms, by Arlene Wechezak, from Anacortes, Washington Life in miniature: The incredible 'dancing' microscopic creatures one photographer found in his garden pond