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Cats have their own language, and if you manage to learn it you will be rewarded!

How to Find a Common Language With Your Cat


I don't know what the puppy/bear is doing, but it is adorable so it does not matter what the puppy/bear is doing.

Oh how precious and sweet!! ❤

American Bobtail Cat Breeds

Fluffy cat breeds are some of the most popular, furry cats can be found in white, black, grey and even Siamese coloring. Love to cuddle soft,?

O pequeno Peebles na mão de seu dono      Dentre os inúmeros recordes do Guiness Book está  Peebles, o menor gato do mundo, com cerca de 1,4...

These smallest animals in the world are so tiny that you have never heard about them. These strange animals including smallest mammals found on earth.

Seal point refers to the coloration of certain types of cats. A seal point cat has a beige or fawn colored body and dark brown legs, ears and a tail. The paw pads and nose pad will be brown on a seal point, and the eyes will be deep blue.

What Does "Seal Point Cat" Mean?

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When haters piss you off...Roar to make them leave <3

When haters piss you off...Roar to make them leave <3