Halloween at the Roosevelt returns for another screaming night of ghouls and goblins. This has become THE party to go to in Hollywood and they always sell out! With a live performance by Nadia Ali and musical guests Mei Lwun + DJ Just, David Bullock, Derwin McRoth, Mixed Reactions, DJ Politik, and Anthony Shah, this is destined to be an amazing Halloween party! Visit www.xplorela.com

I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Beacher’s Madhouse, a gorgeous old Vaudeville style theatre in the hotel. It's members only, but don't tell anyone I popped in.

Take her on a date to a play or a musical. Seems like something a wife would like to do.

Informational Reading Eighth Grade: Different Mediums (Common Core Standard

The Queen's Theater, Richard Miquem architect - While the Opera of Versailles was a theatre of court, the small room at Trianon was a theatre of society, as many existed then in residences in the countryside where, to pass the time, the owners and their guests would put together plays or operas. During her childhood in Vienna, Marie-Antoinette had gotten used to these familiar performances. She wanted to do the same with her close relations, princes of the royal family and some rare friends.

The Queen’s Theatre

theâtre groussay

Groussay, une demeure d'exception

Coleman Theater Opera Box Seating  Miami, OK

Coleman Theater Opera Box Seating Miami, OK