I like this because of how the artist has used pen on top to outline certain areas of the cat to give it more of an edge. I also like how they have also applied water on the pen to blend the ink and add tone to certain areas.

Kaytee Callahan, another tattoo idea because a mix of cat / watercolor / tattoo is always a great idea alright-it-s-time-to-mock-stupid-pins-is-this-real

(~ ̮~) there goes my heart •.¸.•´*¨`*•❥• ♥

(~ ̮~) there goes my heart •.¸.•´*¨`*•❥• ♥


By Lucy Dawson. This beautiful Matted Illustration is by the renowned artist Lucy Dawson, and comes from a series of notecards published in the U.

Brian Kershisnik - Dogs 72x36  12K

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