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did you take your medicine this morning?  prescription coffee mug

Prescription Mug Pill Bottle Coffee Cup Pharmacy 12 oz. Rx - Big Mouth Toys for Like the Prescription Mug Pill Bottle Coffee Cup Pharmacy 12 oz.

tango-mango: “ Coffee tastes better when you’re camping The espresso machine doesn’t come with you into the wilderness. We would wake up in the tent and the first thing on our minds was the coffee.


Pictures of Making Turkish Coffee on Coal Fire. Many people agree that the most delicious Turkish Coffee is made on coal fire.

Chocolate-Almond Coffee Frappe - Why waste money buying expensive frozen coffee drinks from coffee bars when you can easily concoct your own version at home

Chocolate-Almond Coffee Frappe

Chocolate-Almond Coffee Frappe cup black coffee (room temperature) cup milk* (plus a little more, if needed, for smooth blending) 1 cup chocolate ice cream 1 teaspoon almond extract 1 cup crushed ice 2 Tablespoons chocolate syrup Cinnamon, for dusting)


Coffee Mug Sorry for what I said before I had my Coffee by WholeWildWorld, funny humor cup

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Coffee and my Computer.-) hmmm, I need this keyboard. where can I get this keyboard. Universe, send this keyboard to me.

Coffe art

Coffe art

The Coffee Process I am finding a sharpie and writing on my cup

The Coffee Process

morning cup of Coffee.I know it says tea time but my first cup is always coffee in the mornings