Herring Seagull Felt Ornament...

A Saucy Seagull

The Seagull is possibly to most common bird seen along the Maine coast, but I tend to overlook them. They are sometimes a nuisance, sometimes comical, but always present – soaring over the ba…

A printable white stork pattern from Downeast Thunder Farm

The Wonderful White Stork

Last evening, I stumbled across this wonderful video about a stork pair in Croatia. The female was injured and cannot fly, yet her mate returns from his winter home in South Africa every year to ne…

A Great Egret felt ornament pattern.

Edgar the Great Egret

” When we were kids, my baby brother (okay, he’s named the egret in the creek Edgar. In fact, every egret he saw was Edgar.

When folks suggested that I make a Kingfisher, I had to look it up because I wasn’t familiar with the bird. A Google search delivered this darling bird. Only when I finished him and looked up…

An un-Common Kingfisher

felt ornaments | Downy Woodpecker Felt Ornament | Downeast Thunder Farm

Downy Woodpecker Felt Ornament

Downy Woodpecker – Felt Ornament free pattern and tutorial. Many other bird patterns on this site.

A felt raccoon pattern - the perfect Christmas ornament for your Maine woods Christmas tree.

That Rascally Raccoon

The inspiration for this pattern came from a news story I watched on television this morning about the migration of the Sandhill Crane. These graceful birds are making their way to their summer bre…

The Elegant Sandhill Crane

flicker felt ornament

The Gentle Northern Flicker

The Calliope Hummingbird is touted as the smallest bird in the United States. I think the the male’s pinkish-red beard is perfectly endearing! Hope you enjoy this new hummingbird!

Have you seen a Winter Wren? This tiny little bird visits in the summer here in Maine. I tend to hear their sweet song more often than I see them. They’ve left for the winter now, but this cu…

Wee Winter Wren

winter-wren-pattern, Stuffed Animal Pattern, How to Make a Toy Animal Plushie…