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Everyone is affected differently by each action.

When you're a healer in wow

When you're a healer in wow


Roleplaying: "It is in the compelling zest of high adventure and glory, and in creative action, that man finds his supreme joys" ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Dungeons and Dragons Dragonborn | Dragonborn Motivational by ReVampedNight

Dungeons and Dragons Dragonborn

Well... I didn't see that coming... And neither did they

this is the first time i ever wanted eye-bastards in pathfinder.

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Tell that to Vox Machina!


When Orc and Elves role are inverted.

I've been there done that

And people say DD is satanic.

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Link the riot cop

I have sooooo been there. In basically every game where I can choose my stats. I always drop Str and Con (or their equivalents) to boost Int and/or Cha (or their equivalents). Gets me nearly killed a lot, but I always know WHY and how I might've prevented it. :P

Tryin' to keep my buddy alive in a multiplayer game, just to reap the reward of a massive XP gain

I’ve been taking this blog far too seriously. Okay, I really believe in the importance of philosophy in modern society, and I love writing stuff, and all the crap, but let’s face it tha…

D&D alignment examples

D&D Meme

D&D Meme (poor dyek.

Wake up.  This is gun control at its best.  Do WE the people want this?   Didn't think so.  This won't be shown on national news.

This is what you get when you loose your right to bear arms, as granted in our amendment by the wisdom of the founding fathers of this country.

Anime And Oversized Weapons

D&D Demotivators : Photo

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