XiuHan - This pictures makes me laugh XD

Luhan & Xuimin OMG Hehe xiumins face XD Luhan looks like a boy who got a doll from an aunt so gotta smile. N xuimin look like a creepy-pie-eating-freaker-with-wide-smile doll

Luhan, Tao


Luhan is the most popular EXO member in China?

HunHan being extra back there xD

Fall in Love With My Anti-fan

EXO GIF "Ummm, what the heck are HunHan doing?oh my god they are the weirdest things

Sehun & Luhan #exo #hunhan

Sehun & Luhan + Tao just hangin out in the back.

Hunhan <3 Love tihs, it's too cute!!

Luhan always looks cheerful, smiling. Sehun doesn't always,, mostly when he's next to Luhan Hunhan

hunhan / EXO

Image about exo in HunHan - Bubble Tea Couple by Xiao_SeLu