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aver aver quien nunca hizo eso y llego al cole como zombie :c

Or I know I hit a bad note- "Dontlookatmedontlookatmedontlookatme...."

Or I know I hit a bad note- "Dontlookatmedontlookatmedontlookatme." Wait this was me in Wind Ensemble today 😂

Am I The Only One Who Almost Has A Nervous Breakdown Every Night At Bedtime?

The Toddler Bedtime Ritual Is Driving Me Crazy

This is the most perfect letter to bar examiners that I have ever read hahaha oh dear

Un ídolo ha nacido.

Un Nuevo Meme Ha Nacido Y Tienes Que Conocerlo

Latina moms can be all kinds of sweet and doting, but that certainly doesn't mean they are pushovers and you better believe that if you cross them.

My godmother once threatened that if I didn't start behaving for my momma, she would make sure LA LLORONA would get me!

Watch out for that La Llorona kiddies xD This is one story that I will be telling to my own!

didn't happen to me this winter break...luckily

You don't want break when your teacher is like this.

Unhelpful High School Teacher Meme - Lectures class about wasting time. For the whole period.