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Minimal "Units of Time" clock by Rene Schwolow. Each piece ticks a different unit of measure: hours, minutes and seconds.

'units of time' by rené schwolow is divided into three parts – hours, minutes, and seconds. the hands of the clock continuously appear and disappear behind the block signifying time’s transience

Часовые механизмы для настенных часов

Часовые механизмы для настенных часов

'time:left - marsala' clock designed by viad pasca

TIME:LEFT - limited edition wall clock for CID Grup "limited edition / romanian design" exhibition - edition - Marsala - Color of the Year 2015

片隅の時計 ホワイト / デタイルス・プロドゥクテ + イデーン

Eckuhr - [Translated] Clocks are a lot. Alarm clocks only? With the aid of a…

If you’re into minimalist designs, you’ll love the simplicity of CIRCUIT, a wall clock concept created by Stevan Djurovic. Its circular shape follows the classic form of a traditional clock, but every other detail is a marvel of modern ingenuity. The clock is empty on the inside, and the time is given by two light …

Hereere is a simplistic and modern product design called 'Circuit', a wall clock from industrial designer Stevan Djurovic, uses led lights in place of the usual 'clock arms' bringing the clock up to date.

This Responsive Clock Is Like A Sundial For Night Owls

This Responsive Clock Is Like A Sundial For Night Owls

victorian steampunk - This collection of Victorian Steampunk looks range from beautiful and romantic outfits to macabre and twisted accessories. Whether you want to be a...

100 Victorian Steampunk-Inspired Looks

CGSociety user, Cyber recently designed a ring clock, a mechanical ring made from stainless steel that displays the time. It has three rings that rotate separately, displaying the