dark elf man in snow art

Shamane Torhille

f Cleric portrait Shamane Torhille

Character Portraits (weareadventurers: Pirates by  Magnus Norén ...)

f Portrait Character Portraits (weareadventurers: Pirates by Magnus Norén .

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I LOVE this illustration! The Earth Goddess, she is fertility, feminine beauty, mastery and compassion. She vowed to live every incarnation in the body of a woman.

Ebony haired elf

More fantasy hotness. Dynasty_declining_by_feimo.jpg image by - Photobucket


Digital Illustrations by Jason Nguyen


Concept / fantasy illustrations by Venlian, an artist from the Ukraine.

Hunter - 03 by aditya777.deviantart.com

Hunter - 03 by Aditya Ikranegara on deviantART

Darius, Thander Lin on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rlPr5

Darius by LAS-T on DeviantArt - hm, what if Eagle was branded or something? Interesting thought.

Pirate Captain Yasuki by ~chibi-oneechan on deviantART

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Great lighting and texture

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gothic women fantasy | Espejo, Fantasy Girl, Mirror, wallpaper download

"I touched my cheek and looked away. The potion that me beautiful. I looked into the mirror trying not to worry. In my reflection, I saw the witch I was. The Witch I am.

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Young Vanimórë in Angband Commission by Omupied http://omupied.deviantart.com/ <--- dis is amazing, so accurate! And I think it's more than one of a kind!

Leader of the Silent Knight. only believed to exist in lore and tavern bard tales.