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10 Websites With Really Cool Inventions You Don’t Know About

▶ Man invents machine to convert plastic into oil. We wonder if he'll be working in conjunction with the ocean cleaning device which is being deployed in Japan in the second half of

An animation of a cal 1874 Gatling gun, with 240 round Broadwell magazine. This gun was sometimes called the Camel gun, after some imaginative .

Printer kit such as a Makerbot and RepRap Printer Kits are open sources and they are online websites which will guide you in building your own Print.

Baguazhang Master Lu Zijian at 117 agile and flexible . When are you starting to practice an internal martial art like Tai Chi Chuan or Baguazhang?

TrackingPoint - Precision Guided Firearm Wireless HUD Android Goggle Test Firing At 500 Yards

Free Tesla Energy is possible says Muammer Yildriz at the university of Delft, presenting energy from magnetism. whey is this not funded?

Flamethrower made from an old fire extinguisher, various plumbing parts, 8 litres of petrol, and of pressure. Range: Burn time: Apprx 10 sec tota.

Not only does the Patriotic Paracord Bracelet represent our fearlessness against terrorism it even has some really cool survival tools built inside.

Printer - High Resolution - Homemade - DIY Video Description More details: This is a High resolution Printer I have developed at home. The printer qu