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[ changing kayla's fc to amanda steele ] "anybody wanna grab a coffee?

{ Amanda Steele } "Hi! I'm Amanda! But you can call me Mandi! I am 17 and single. I make YouTube videos. They are usually makeup tutorials or fashion videos. I am very outgoing and I love to be around people and animals. I also love food. If you want to know more about me come introduce yourself!"

manypreferences: “Cameron: Nash: Matthew: JackJ: JackG: Taylor: Shawn: Aaron: Carter: Hayes: Jacob: Sam: *photo credit to the owner* so people used were amanda steele, ariana grande, teala dunn and.

☆ s t a y b e a t i f u l ☆

( fc Maddi Bragg ) hey, I'm Andy. Most people are scared of me, mostly because my mother is the evil queen from snow white. I can be evil, and sweet and scary and cruel but not as much as my mom.