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So cut vkook

Dis is so cute! The two youngest members. I like how V is just making Jungkook super young with the cheek pinch thing.


Random shitty stories written by a random shitty person! includes fluff, smut, kinks, ships, etc. my smu.

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V oppa hugged Jungkookie These two are lucky

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Namjoon, Tae and Jungkook ❤️ taekook being all boyfriendy makes my world go around ❤️

Vkook ♥

Read VKook from the story One shots; Bts boyxboy by JiminnieftYoonie (LoveIsNotOver.) with reads.perdona nuestras ofensas as.

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Can you believe that this golden baby will turn 20 in a matter of few days???

How I feel on the inside when I know I'm failing in school: Welp I tried guess now I just have to marry bts❤