flying over mountain. Architecture thesis drawing. Color flat drawing information overlay. Literally I am in love.

Half documentary, half fiction, the Lunar Economic Zone project explores what it would mean if China controlled valuable resources on the moon–just as it already controls valuable metals used in electronics here on Earth.

Inus Pretorius: The Idea Factory @

Isometric poster depicting an elaborate, floating studio space populated with creative characters.

Andrés Lozano.

Andres Lozano

by Andrés Lozano Illustration for Guts Zine “Jacuzzi” My name is Andrés Lozano. I’m a 22 years old illustrator from Madrid, Spain. I’m mainly inspired by nature, architecture, franco-belgian comics and film noir. In my illustrations I love using overla

Stunningly lovely. Infused with a sense of piece and order.   By Tokyo born artist Ray Morimura.   Via: Lines and Colors:

Gorgeous use of lines and textures to create a captivating landscape: Ray Morimura - Japanese artist from Tokyo works mostly with wood block prints

atelier olschinsky

Pixel City - Atelier Olschinsky Grafik und Design lines line buildings artchitecture ruler idea box cube translucent paper see through