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With just one tank, Captain Zvika Greengold withstood the might of the Syrian military. He persisted heroically for hours, throwing himself at the enemy in the face of almost certain death.

On the Yom Kippur of October Egypt and Syria launched a coordinated surprise attack on Israel. The Yom Kippur War was launched on the holiest day on the Jewish calendar: The Day of Atonement. Egypt attacked Israel on its southern front.

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BMPT Terminator (BMP, Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty, meaning "infantry fighting vehicle", and the T designator means tank support.

US Army Close to Decision on Shielding Abrams Tanks with Israeli Tech - Defensetech

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Israeli Centurion Sho't tank abandoned at Golan Heights after Yom Kippur war

Valley of Tears. Centurion tank "Shot" from Fourth Arab-Israeli War 1973 - Yom Kippur War, Ramadan War or October War.