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Funny dog pictures with captions that are a laugh riot. Some of the dogs are innocently funny and some act like they are the jokers in the pack.

love these doggies

Sir, You threw the ball - except you didn't - You sir are a fucking asshole

A Talking Dog Like A Human Being

Awww I remember when my math teacher would stop class just to watch this video! We'd be laughing so hard other classes would wonder what was going on! Then we'd be behind in class, but he'd find another talking animal video and we'd watch that!

This is a daily occurrence at our home. :)

Funny pictures about Pick your battles. Oh, and cool pics about Pick your battles. Also, Pick your battles.



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Husky breath...

My Face When My GF Trying To Kiss Me - You are viewing Photo titled My Face When My Girlfirned Trying To Kiss Me In Front Of Her Parents from the Category Funny Pictures Tags: Animals Dogs Expressions

My pets do this!

Funny pictures about Husky look of disapproval. Oh, and cool pics about Husky look of disapproval. Also, Husky look of disapproval photos.

jokes about canadians - Google Search

Dog conversation - Still Hungry You've had breakfast Want more breakfast You'll get fat What's fat? It's what happends when you eat to much food Fat sounds awesome! Lets get fat!


Motherhood, Inc. - Human Resources: One vacation day a year? We call it Mother's Day, but technically you still have to work :) ahahah

Beg for mercy.

Adele Jokes

I'm imagining it in the voice of like batman or something husky. (Get it, husky?) lol (cause it's a husky)

Cuddle seeker

Beware Of Dog He Wants Cuddles cute animals dogs adorable dog puppy animal pets funny animals funny pets funny dogs