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Ana Teresa Barboza's embroidery

The unfinished qualities of Ana Teresa Barboza's embroidered surfaces only add to the overall sensuousness of her needlework.

Ana Teresa Barboza | A R T N A U

Ana Teresa Barboza

ART: Contemporary Embroidery Art by Ana Teresa Barboza A beautiful mix of drawing, embroidery and photography is what makes the creations of Peruvian artist Ana Teresa Barboza so special. Her older.

contemporary embroidered art by ana teresa barboza

Ana Teresa Barboza - Thread and Needle 2 hate the themes' angst, but I love the originality in embroidery art. So unusual, but at least the artist used to have the guts ! to protest what she thinks is going on.

Ana Teresa Barboza

Badass embroidery art by Peruvian artist Ana Teresa Barboza is equal parts delicate, feminine, gruesome and spine-tingling. That's quality paradox action!

Ana Teresa Barboza, embroidery

Badass Embroidery by Ana Teresa Barboza

contemporary embroidery artworks by Peruvian artist Ana Teresa Barboza via hi-fructose