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Now there's a skylight to wake up to! Dalat Crazy House in Vietnam

The Crazy House in Dalat, North Vietnam was built by Madame Hang Nga, the daughter of Ho Chi Minh’s right-hand man, to reflect her interest in art and architecture.  The structure now functions as a guest house.

Unusual Architecture Around the World Stunning Pics) - Part Located in Dalat, Vietnam the Crazy House, formerly known as Hang Nga Villa, was designed by architect Dr.

“Nhà điên” Đà Lạt nằm trong top những điểm đến huyền diệu bí mật - Du Lịch - Du Lịch

The ‘Crazy House’ in Dalat, a town in Vietnam’s Central Highlands © Zhukov Oleg / Shutterstock


DA NANG The incredible marble mountains of Vietnam. My husband wanted to visit here because during the war he was stationed here/near here, so he wanted to go back. This is outside Hoi An near DaNang, Vietnam.

Sultanahmet Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey. we sat for an hour just to take in then beauty!

Fort Pic….

A view from inside the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey. Such an amazing place. Traveled to Turkey in

Ancient Cham Hindu Towers, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Travel back in time, Ancient Cham Hindu Towers, Nha Trang, Vietnam.