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~*This is a commissioned design and may not be used in any way*~ Inked: [link] Another off-DA commission and another Charizard, though this one is radic.

Gen2 Triskele COMMISSION by Canyx on deviantART

I don't care for coloured tattoos myself. Triskele COMMISSION by Canyx on deviantART

Charizard Pokemon Tribal

The client really liked my Charmeleon design from wayyyy back but wanted it to be Charizard instead. Happy to oblige Flying Charizard COMMISSION

Pokemon Tattoo Idea

This is a commission for It's very original, not the usual 'spikes and edges' I usually use for tribals, though I would still consider it.

Pkmn Tribal - Lugia by Talianora.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I got to whip out the old Pokemon Snap to get a good idea for a pose. That may be why it looks so demonic;

Humanoid Hazard: Pokemon Challenge : 009 Tortank

Blastiose on my left arm somewhere as part of my sleeve

legendary pokemon tribal tattoos - Google Search

Mewthree tribal tattoo design Generation 6 Type: Psychic Form: Mega evolution (Y) Don't use without permission please *If you would like this for a tatt. Mega Mewtwo Y Tribal Tattoo