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European Bee-eater by Frik Erasmus1, via Flickr

Frik Erasmus F European Bee-eater Kruger National Park. The one diving was on the perch when the other one came in to land.

Blue-bellied Roller (Coracias cyanogaster)

Blue-bellied Roller (Coracias cyanogaster) breeds in Africa from Senegal to Northeast Zaire

Green Broadbill Love this little guy :)

Green Broadbill (Calyptomena viridis) - photo by Ken Ilio; Broadbills are forest birds found in Africa and Southeast Asia. This one is at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.

Yellow Bellied Sunbird(also known as the Olive Backed Sunbird) Nectarinia jugularis ~ Nth Australia. a species of sunbird found from Southern Asia to Australia.

Delightful hummer with his tongue out - at the Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona.

earth-song: delightful hummer with his tongue out - at the Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona.by *ariseandrejoice

Lindíssimo colorido

What amazing colours! Azure-winged Magpie (cyanopica cyanus) ~ by Fernando Sanchez de Castro

The Peach-fronted Parakeet (Eupsittula aurea is widespread and often common in semi-open and open habitats in eastern Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, far northern Argentina and southern Suriname.

Peach-fronted Parakeet (Aratinga aurea), South America by Bertrando Campos

Lori, close and personal by Tambako the Jaguar, via Flickr

A Little Closer to Birds. Tambako the Jaguar Photography - AmO Images - AmO Images

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The black and orange Flycatcher (Ficedula Nigrorufa). Endemic to Western Ghats, Nilgiris and Palni Hill Ranges in southern India. Some studies show it's related to thrushes and chats.