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HD Wallpaper and background photos of Luffy for fans of Monkey D.

This is so me!

Ah, how much i've learned from the people who never existed. Thats not true. They do exist, in every otaku's heart.


Not to mention Levi and Yato share voice actors Levi / Attack on Titan - Sebastian / Black Butler - Ryuuji / Toradora - Yato / Noragami

Yeah, and look at how well that had worked out for Naruto and Sasuke.

and people wonder how yaoi fangirls find yaoi moments in shounen anime :P

Edolas Gray vs. Earthland Gray

Difference between Edolas Gray and Earthland Gray

I just don't like to talk, my peers force me to and they call themselves my friends

me as soon as i walk into school because i have social anxiety and having to talk to people i don't know stresses me out to the point where i can't speak unless someone else i know well is there

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