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Albert Anker

Albert Samuel Anker (Swiss painter and illustrator) 1831 - 1910 Eine Gotthelf-Leserin (A Gotthelf Reader), 1884 oil on canvas 59 × 42 cm.

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a Lee Lufkin Kaula (American artist, Mother Reading

art girl reading, mother in hope chest

Painting of young woman reading

soyouthinkyoucan see // simena: Kalentieva Irina

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“A Gotthelf reader”, Albert Samuel Anker – Swiss painter and illustrator. Oil on canvas.

BookArt: 30 Stunning Classic Paintings of Reading People – Bookmarin

New BookArt collection: the set of beautiful paintings made in classic manner and featuring people who enjoy reading books.

Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann

(by Anna-Maria Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann, Source: Libriamo Tutti

Girl Reading In Her Room - Emil Karl Rau (1858 – 1937)

Emil Karl Rau (1858 – 1937, German)

Emil Karl Rau - German) Lesendes Madchen in der Stube (Girl Reading In Her Room)

Le Millième homme…

John Singer Sargent, Man Reading (Nicola d’Inverno),

Woman reading, 1890 - Kuroda Seiki (1866-1924). Peintre japonais - Tokyo National Museum

"Reading," 1891 - Kuroda Seiki Kuroda brought Western theories about art to a wide Japanese audience. He was among the leaders of the yōga (or Western-style) movement in Japanese painting.

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Reading and Art: Torajiro Kojima

Reading and Art: December 2013 / Nora Heysen

London breakfast, 1935 Interior, 1935 Nora Heysen born January 1911 in Hahndorf, Australia died December 2003 in.

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The Best of Bookish Art from Tumblr

☺ mileshyman : Girl reading in lawn. Miles Hyman In Hyman studied drawing at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. After forays into music and archaeology, Hyman chose to devote himself to drawing and painting and became a full-time visual artist.

"Reader  Art, posters and prints of a woman or women reading repinned by www.AboutHarry.com

"Reader" - Oil painting by Darren Thompson

Sunday Afternoon - Interior With A Girl Reading

Michael Peter Ancher (1849 – 1927, Danish)

Sunday Afternoon - Interior With A Girl Reading, Michael Peter Ancher – Danish)

Vladimir Volegov. This girl's reading a romance novel.


Vladimir Volegov: Rest at Midday, painting,