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This lady is more flexible than me ; "blackyogis: Extended Standing Leg Stretch Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana One of the biggest myths about flexibilty I keep hearing is that one has to be skinny to be flexible…well…that’s NOT true.

#YOGA Take the time to make your soul happy :)

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3 Simple Yoga Poses to Reduce Belly Fat Fast

Are you fond of junk food? Do you lead an erroneous lifestyle, indulging on the junkies and avoiding exercise? No wonder you have developed a flabby tummy. Some people also develop a fat belly due …

Face Yoga Exercises. Have seriously heard that these techniques do work!! What can it hurt?

12 Yoga Exercises For Slimming Your Face

Yoga Tips & Benefits: Face Yoga Exercises. Have seriously heard that these techniques do work! What can it hurt?

11 Effective Yoga Poses To Build Your Body Strength

8 Effective Yoga Poses To Build Your Strength

Do you think that yoga is practiced only for stretching, flexibility, and stress release? Here are 11 strength building yoga poses for you to check out & include in your workout.

Yoga is wonderful, and it’s not just for girls! Ladies, let's tell all the guys around us how awesome is yoga in taking care of ourselves, in both body and mind. Let’s all show our support for Movember Foundation and men's health! Sushumna Yoga Goa supports Movember!

Eat These Foods to Boost Your Sex Drive

Robert Downey Jr Yoga - I've always liked RDJ, now I like him even more!

Jessamine - I am scared of this. Since age 5. This fear will not be changed by one person.

How This Curvy Yogi Is Helping Others Embrace Their Body Shapes

Every woman needs to read this, whether you love your body, or not. whether you're working on it or perfecting it. READ THIS!!

Imperfect Life - 03 Reasons I Love My Ugly Body. Worthwhile read for anyone struggling with body image during their fitness journey.