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Gwent - Francesca, "To live in peace, we first must kill. This is human oppression’s cruel finale." by LORENZO MASTROIANNI Illustrator @ CD Projekt Red Warszawa, Poland

Bogna Gawrońska,Кейра Мец,Witcher Персонажи,The Witcher,Ведьмак, Witcher, ,фэндомы,гвинт

Keira Metz for Gwent 'If I'm to die today, I wish to look smashing for the occasion.' Illustration done for Gwent - huge lesson on trying to incorporate.

The Operator - GWENT, Bryan Sola on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/znGn4

quarkmaster: “ The Operator - GWENT The Operator Illustration for Cd Projekt Red’s Gwent Bryan Sola ”

Encontrado en Google en artstation.com

akreon: “ Assire var Anahid - Gwent Card “Nilfgaardian mages do have a choice: servile submission, or the gallows.

"I am a Sage. My power lies in possessing knowledge. Not sharing it." www.playgwent.com/ © 2016 CD PROJEKT S.A.  ____________ instagram | tumblr |  artstation |  off-white

Ida Emean - Gwent Card by akreon on DeviantArt. "I am a Sage. My power lies in possessing knowledge.

TheWitcher3-WildHunt Multi Visuel 016

pixalry: “The Witcher Wild Hunt Steelbook Artwork - Created by Krzysztof Domaradzki Series created for limited edition steelbook covers for the upcoming game from CD Projekt Red.

Gedyneith Flaminica - Gwent Card Game

theamazingdigitalart: “ Gedyneith Flaminica - Gwent Card by Anna Podedworna The Art of the Witcher: Gwent Gallery Collection ”

Gwent - Prince Stennis, Lorenzo Mastroianni on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8OAkn

quarkmaster: “ Gwent - Prince Stennis A card I did for Gwent, The Witcher Card Game. “He wears armor made of gold.