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bullying campaign ideas - Buscar con Google

bullying campaign ideas - Buscar con Google

Distractify | You'll Rethink Judging A Woman By Her Clothes After One Look At This Campaign - created via http://pinthemall.net

This capmpaign portrays exactly what women go through in our society, They are judged by any type of clothes they use.

A campaign for UN Women shows how gender prejudice can rear its ugly head on a universal tool like Google.

LOOK: Sexism Is Everywhere, Even On Google

You’re wrong, Google. Combating racism requires reflection on channels that can poison your mind and judgement.

Google’s autocomplete feature is shocking too about black men

Combating racism requires reflection on channels that can poison your mind and judgement says Medira

This is my favorite picture in this whole project because it is a anti bully image.  I am completely 100% against bullying. I was bullied almost my whole life in school from elementary up until my sophomore year in high school because of my weight. I was depressed and sad and often didn't want to go to school because of the way some the other students would talk to me. The bullying only stopped or at least didn't affect me anymore was all because I met a girl named Maria.

Craftibilities: OCTOBER Anti-Bullying Campaign - POSTER IDEAS This would've cute to use for scholarship board. Don't stand by!

LiveGreen Toronto "Littering Says A Lot About You"

The City of Toronto Livegreen organization’s ad campaign Littering Says A Lot About You

Awareness Campaign - Black Ink Design

Awareness Campaign Posters by Black Ink. A poster on anti-bullying with words used both contextually and visual. I like the metaphor behind the idea.

homeless, campaign

Campagne d’affiches et sans-abris.

I love how the graphic designer took advantage of the space in order to reinforce the campaign and purpose of the poster. This is a good example of how graphic design can collaborate with architectural design effectively.

Act on climate change poster

Bears Today, Carbon Tomorrow by Lori Miller, USA, for EDF. "A campaign to bring awareness to the effects of global warming on animals.