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¿Os acordáis de esas agendas de teléfono con una rueda en la tapa? Se abría en la página cuya letra habías seleccionado previamente al girar la rueda.

Rotary Dial~ Phone numbers used to be according to letter, e., Lincoln 54321 So the phone number was 545 321 and that's why we originally had letters on our rotary phones.

Indoor Pay phone

Old Rotary Pay Phone - Calls were a nickel and then 10 cents Mom always gave me a dime to put in my shoe when I went anywhere with friends so I could call home if I needed to

These were my favorite scratch and sniff stickers when I was a kid! I still have some and you can still smell the scents....

Vintage Scratch and Sniff Stickers! Sticker books were so in- I loved my puffy unicorn sticker & the popcorn scratch & sniff!

Remember this glue in elementary school?  Used to cut pictures from sales flyers and catalogs to glue with this onto paper for Christmas lists!

Remember this glue in elementary school? So messy.I preferred the Elmer's White Paste with the little brush in the top of the lid

Back in the day

Back in the day

Remember Perfection?

spent hours playing this game

Yummy... Orange push up pop. Used to get these from the ice cream man all the time!

push-ups.my favorite! Whenever the ice cream truck slowed down enough for us to catch it I ALWAYS got a push-up (orange sherbet)

#Spirograph the things you drew with this kit were really cool. I wonder what happened to mine? UPDATE!! Walmart has newer versions of the Spirograph. The Deluxe one is $24 and they have a smaller one for $15.. The 90s may have a chance to return after all.

Vintage Spirograph game 1968 No 401 Canadian by PourToujours - OMG I loved Spirograph when I was a kid - I spent hours and hours using it.

Fisher Price's Little People

The Fisher-Price Little People Family.these are the little people I had growing up!

I do not miss this crap. Kids today will never know the struggle of getting up to change the channel!

"Turning the dial" on the TV.we got THREE channels. Had to get up to turn it in and off, turn the volume up or down and change channels.

Remember these?

The View Master.one of my very favorite toys as a kid. I could sit and look at the pictures for a long time! Everything from scenery to Disney caracters, and everything in between.

I had one of these. by daisy

Chinese Checkers in a Tin with Regular Checkers on the other side and marbles and red/black checkers inside. I loved playing Chinese Checkers! Getting the tin open could prove to be an adventure at times.But well worth it.

Metal cow sound noise maker!

Turn this over and it made a moo sound! I think I remember this from the church nursery when I was little.

Record Store

flipping through albums in a record store. THE record store Tower records when I was a kid, and then looking through all the CDs with my son when he was a teenager! I miss Tower Records!

Iron jungle gyms on the playground....I saw some horrific accidents on these as a child...but we kept right on playing on them...just came with the territory and we all knew it...it never stopped us from living our childhood to the fullest!!....simple resilant kids of the 60s!!.......b♡

Playing on the Monkey Bars By Wayne Miller.I loved to play on the Monkey Bars at Buckman Grade School in Portland Oregon. The Monkey Bars didn't have any padding under them and were removed and replaced with a safe jungle gym system in the