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Oh look my life in one post

1 One Direction 2 Fall Out Boy 3 Black Veil Brides 4 Panic At Disco!


Blink and stare awkwardly until I slunk back into my room and have a fangirl fit before walking back out and greeting them like a normal human being.

So true Even though they cant see you in real life. They can see you in their eyes and in their dreams. So they would want to dream forever

Directioner problems AKA my every day problems. And the fact they don't even know we exist has caused me to break down many times.

I hope that if my music ever becomes popular, I can relate to the bands in this post.

Pierce The Veil / Paramore / Bring Me The Horizon / Fall Out Boy / My Chemical Romance / All Time Low / Sleeping With Sirens / Black Veil Brodes / Nirvana / The Rolling Stones / The Beatles / Journey / Kansas ;


My music scares people because of the screaming but would they listen to it if it did scream! The meaning is more important then the screaming


Also, I like how there's the whole Emo Quartet and then Dan and Phil.

This is so funny.<<<And the scary thing is, is that we know that we would do this without question.

Moral of all stories, don't speak to FOB fans they'll burst into song<<<<<it's true I am a fob fan I will start singing their song

Twenty one pilots, Pierce the Veil, Panic! at the Disco, Fall out Boy, and Eminem have helped me through so freaking much it's unbelievable. So if u say anything bad about them ILL FIND U.

''Screamo'',''punk'',and ''emo'' bands have reduced suicide rates by 87 percent. I dare you to say this music is s***