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'Lovers Of Valdaro': 6,000-year-old Italian Couple Need New Home

Funny pictures about Till Death Do Us Part. Oh, and cool pics about Till Death Do Us Part. Also, Till Death Do Us Part photos.

Little Sister by SnaiLords on DeviantArt

Little Sister by SnaiLords on DeviantArt<<< SnailLords is also on WebToons, and their comics are awesome

Spiderman Movie Storyboard http://www.storyboardsinc.com/news/archives/1647

This is a storyboard for Spiderman. Story boards like this one helps to predict any challenges the film crew may face before filming

I always did like to think Art was omnipotent, it doesn't necessarily have to be a sketch or a painting of any kind, it just has to be an experience, a combination of the emotions and hardships that shaped you into what you are now! When life is at its hardest, take the opportunity to learn from it to truly create something beautiful! :D

The focus is always on what you should remove from your diet, and it’s incredibly frustrating. What about the foods you should be adding to a diet for type 2 diabetes… the foods that can actually improve blood sugar contr

I HAD A SEVERE NEED FOR BBRAE AND SO I DID THIS YOURE WELCOME  bbrae(c)dc comics and glen murakami 

I have at least one more planned with Mercy, Soldier and Junkrat. I always enjoyed seeing parts of characters completely irrelevant to the story. People are, after all, tho.

Frozen Concept Art

These are concept art shots from the movie 'Frozen'. Again, there are no words to describe what is happening or the types of shots, however the artist did an amazing job at paying attention to detail and to doing a great job at showing emotion.

famous movie storyboards "Nice, efficient and dramatic" KB

Sketching is a central part of making movies – and design. Check out these famous movie storyboards for films by Scorsese, Spielberg and more!