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Recordemos que todo lo que tenemos viene de parte de Dios, Él es quien nos bendice.  «Todo lo que es bueno y perfecto desciende a nosotros de parte de Dios nuestro Padre, quien creó todas las luces de los cielos. Él nunca cambia ni varía como una sombra en movimiento». —Santiago 1:17

Does your family play dinner games at meal time? Here is a great idea for a fun family game that can liven up meal time in your home.

Ten Commandments Chart in kid words :) dont think I can put this in my classroom but I love the idea!!

The Ten Commandments for Kids Chart// Really? I agree with some, but God doesn't need to integrated into little kids' minds, okay?

Make a tree of your adult volunteers and/or girls in your service unit. Use it at your final meeting for the GS year to show solidarity and say thanks.

Utilize the information in this article to attract new volunteers to parish service.

Do your kids respect authority?  Here are some things you might not want to allow them to say to adults!

6 Things my Kids Are Not Allowed to Say to Adults

One of the most important things I want my children to learn is to respect authority. They will never learn to be obedient to God if they cannot first learn to be obedient to the adults God has placed over them.

Week 3 in a series of 10 simple things you can do today to connect with your child. One simple idea is shared each week. Each weekly post takes less than 5 minutes to read and the ideas shared are simple enough to achieve on even the busiest of days. Week 3 is all about being available. Saying yes.

Ten simple ways to connect with your child. Each week for the next ten weeks, I’ll be sharing one simple idea that you can implement right now, to foster a more connected relationship with your child.

Greetings from the other side, my friends. And by other side, I mean the almost dead side. Jiminey Christmas I had a horrible flu! I think I'm done with it, but I still have this cough that sounds ...

Raising Siblings As Friends

Raising Siblings As Friends. Creating life-long friendships within your family.

Awesome Mommy Son Date ideas

How do you invest in your son as a mother? You need to spend quality, one on one time with them. Here are twenty totally awesome mommy-son date ideas for you to try with your guy!

Pinner said: "My kids beg to play this game! Mommy and Daddy always lose. Our kids have amazing manners now."

Pass the Manners, Please

Game for teaching manners. "My kids beg me to play this game. Mom and dad always lose; our kids now have better manners than we do." Designed for table manners but could be adapted for use in other places!

Stranger danger isn't cutting it. Learn these great tips to keep your kids safe!

Beyond Stranger Danger: Tips That Can Save Your Kid's Life

Stranger danger isn't cutting it anymore. We need to go beyond that and teach our children specific tips on how to keep themselves safe when in danger. Beyond Stranger Danger: 6 Off the Wall Tips That Can Save Your Kid’s Life