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HAHAHAHA i laughed way more than i should have

I spent the money to throw rocks at Pokemon when they ticked me off. Dude, this pinner tho^^^^ XD

VRUTAL / Búsqueda de pokemon en vrutal.com

AWKWARD ZOMBIE - A Tough Pill to Swallow You never really think about how medicine in the pokemon world works

Redemption by doubleWbrothers on DeviantArt

pinkie pie, rainbow dash, - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Imageboard

Spark es tan inocente

♥❤❤❤ i wanna kiss from MY little cute Pikachu.(and yes I do have a Pikachu in Poke. Go hatched him from a 2 km egg.and yes you CAN get a Pikachu from a 2 km egg.if you're lucky)<<< cx awe

Twitter - Charizard made by Autumn Leaves!

Charizard made from seasonal leaves . Browse new photos about Charizard made from seasonal leaves . Because it's fun!

Awkward Zombie: Beleagured    Mind.... blown

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Nat 20

Picard and Sisko RPG. I love PIcard's expression when he rolls :) ~ Sisco and Picard are both masters of diplomacy.

Brain monster by markmak on DeviantArt

Brain monster by markmak on DeviantArt <<< When ARE they going to touch on that part of the episode? Unless it was the ghost couple.

Smeargle Variations

Smeargle Variations <<< There should be a digital paint one! It could be +Porygon!