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A Bar Inside An Alien Spaceship. The H.R. Giger Alien Bar – Chur, Switzerland

Giger Alien Bar, Gruyere, Switzerland - Giger Bar is lovingly themed and modeled after the movie “Alien” by Ridley Scott. A must visit for sci-fi fans, try to avoid the facehuggers.

HR Giger cafe, Gruyere Switzerland

Giger Museum Bar, Gruyeres, Swizerland 20 of the world best restaurant and bar interior designs

Pretty perfect biggest baobab | Welcome to newsdaily168

Tucked inside a 6000 year-old Baobab tree (!), the Sunland Pub was built into the tree's hollow trunk in Due to limited space, the place can only house 15 people at a time.


20 Of The World’s Best Restaurant And Bar Interior Designs

Street Food: Miami's Wynwood Kitchen & Bar | Projects | Interior Design

Wynwood Kitchen and Bar in Miami - Faireys screen-printed panels, fitted together, wrap the restaurants lounge, with its tweed-covered chairs.

Garden coffee lounge, Tetovo, 2014 - Dita Luarasi Abdiu #coffeeshop

Flowers in the sky Garden Coffee Lounge, LD Studio - Restaurant & Bar DesignRestaurant & Bar Design