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Warrior Wisdom

Loved this character but alas, he lost his life to treachery in Season 1 of Vikings on the History Channel. He truly looks like a Viking to me.

Gods and Mythology of Vikings

This shows how the Vikings viewed their Gods and their ideas of Heaven and Hell. The Vikings believed that they would one day join their Gods in Valhalla, much as the Christians believed they would join Jesus and God in Heaven.

Ragnar aka Travis

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Spartan bojovník

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Berserker by Brenoch Adams. A common prayer in the French churches during the century states : ‘A furore normannorum libera nos domine' ; ‘Oh lord, save us from the rage of the Nordic people’

Seems like a world I would love to see

A viking ship. "The ship sailed across the murky waters; destruction coming and lean, the boat whisked toward our way. Warn the monks!' I gazed up at the ship and instantly knew that the monks could not find anything that could save us.

Aye the Wilde Olde ways are best

A norse warrior. Vikings often wore fur over chain-mail, both the the purpose…

Viking warrior

Cerdic, first Saxon King of Wessex b: 467 Said to be the King defeated by Arth Fawr at the Battle of Badon Hill. Portrayed by Stellen Skarsgard in the movie 'King Arthur'.