Uma estrela de cinema que encantou o mundo dançando, atuando e sendo linda por dentro e por fora...

rita hayworth foi muito mais do que simplesmente gilda...

Rita Hayworth, circa 1940 - "Gilda" is her most famous role, but just being Rita was her most difficult and tragic role - yet absolutely, dazzlingly, beautiful .

Joan Crawford by Hurrell, sans foundation

1930 Hurrell photo of Joan Crawford for Paid. I wish we saw her freckles more often, she’s gorgeous.

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

American actor and a highly decorated naval officer of World War II. Only child of silent film actor Douglas Fairbanks .

James Cagney My favourite dancer

James Cagney Portrait in Cotton Jacket and Black Round Neck Shirt with Face Highlighted High Quality Photo

Joan Crawford & Doug Fairbanks Jr. And O  how Fairbanks Sr. and Mary Pickford hated her!

Joan Crawford with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. by Irving Chidnoff Joan married Hollywood royalty.