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so a Scorpio & a Cancer must have a very strong connection, I sure see the two together a lot, more so than any other sign.

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Zodiac Mind - Your source for Zodiac Facts Scorpio Dad Luke Skywalker of Cancer the painter Grandad to Pisces-six days only 43 songs ,do you want to quit ?

I love all the little things but people say it's a waste of time.

For my friends-- Libra and Pisces-- I love you guys.<<<And to mine--Cancer, Capricorn and Gemini--I'm always grateful. From your friendly neighborhood Virgo

But ONLY if you won't accept the fact that I'm done and keep trying to bug me or get me to come back

Cancer Zodiac Sign ♋ most likely to block you on every social network, when they're finally done with you.

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Cancer Zodiac Sign♋ relationships cancer is not at all interested in short term, casual relationships. they want long term