Jamin LeFave: Self Portrait - this is probably oils. but I can see how it may have be pastels Really great use of values to create facial structure

William Whitaker grew up in the special world of the working artist. He had access to the finest art materials and was painting in watercolor and oil at the age of six. His fondest early memories are of the sights sounds and smells of the art studio.

Paintings by William Whitaker

"Redhead" - William Whitaker, oil on panel {contemporary figurative artist beautiful female head scarf african-american black woman face portrait painting

A Study in Edges: Why Lines and Strokes Matter Plus Inspiration and Instruction in One Lesson. #arttips #artinspiration

A Study in Edges -- Inspiration and Instruction in One Lesson

Wet on wet painting, portraits by Louis Smith

The Alla prima technique, is an informal way of capturing the individuals character and give a more lively feel to the subjects expression.

P.S. Krøyer - Portrait de J.F. Willumsen

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